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Mobile connectivity is behind many of today’s big organizational changes — e.g., digital transformation and the Internet of Things (IoT) — that are impacting processes and people across all industries. Verizon’s inaugural Mobile Security Index seeks to create awareness about the growing security threats and the critical need to safeguard data as organizations become increasingly reliant on enterprise mobility for business operations.

The digital transformation has been building up for decades, yet some businesses are slow to embrace change. Many leaders may not see the threat of this paradigm shift because they still see profit, but they need to look to technology as a catalyst in future plans. This technological era is so critical, demanding and fast-moving that if these leaders fail to understand how they can leverage IoT for their company’s benefit, they're in danger of becoming the next Kodak or Nokia.

iVend Retail by CitiXsys took a global approach to its annual shopper survey this year, asking consumers around the world about their shopping behaviors and preferences. The results uncovered some common consumer behaviors, many driven by technological advancements worldwide, but it also showed the steps in the modern shopper’s journey can be different in different regions or countries throughout the world. The report, Global Path to Purchase Report: How the Modern Path to Purchase Differs Around the World, also sheds some light on what motivates shoppers on their journeys toward making a purchase and provides recommendations retailers can use when selling in particular markets or expanding globally.

In this report, Coresight Research showcases the findings of its recent online survey of U.S. consumers, a sizable proportion of whom had bought clothing or footwear on Amazon during the past 12 months. The report explores how many U.S. consumers are buying apparel on Amazon, which retailers these shoppers have switched their spending from, what clothing and footwear brands and categories they're buying on Amazon, their attitudes toward Amazon Fashion and its offerings, and where else, besides Amazon Fashion, they shop for apparel.

In today's customer-centric world, retailers must put consumer needs at the heart of supply chain and fulfillment operations. Retailers need inventory management optimized for cross-chain product availability and fulfillment and returns providing a frictionless customer experience. Download this Gartner report to learn how inventory, fulfillment and returns drive excellence.

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