Jonathan Cherki

Jonathan Cherki

Jonathan Cherki is the CEO and founder of ContentSquare, an experience optimization platform for online and mobile businesses that uniquely captures visitor behavior insights to measure user experience, increase engagement and improve conversion rates. ContentSquare empowers brands to measure content performance, understand visitor intentions and explain consumer decisions when they do or do not purchase.

A Retailer’s Guide to This Year’s BTS Shoppers … and How to Attract Them to Your Site

With school season just beginning, back-to-school (BTS) shoppers are making sure everything on their list has been taken care of. The second biggest shopping season after the winter holidays, this is a crucial time for retailers to attract and engage BTS shoppers in a space where competition is rampant. The value of knowing and understanding…

3 Tips to Bring in the Most Online Revenue in 2017

To prepare for the $500 billion online shopping boom that’s predicted to gain massive momentum in the next few years, brands must heighten their focus on preparing and optimizing their online businesses in order to reach and exceed revenue goals. Here are three tips to help all brands convert more revenue via their online stores in…