Ryan Urban

Ryan Urban

Ryan Urban is the Co-Founder and CEO at BounceX, a global marketing technology company. Under his leadership, BounceX has been ranked number one overall for both employee retention and career development by ComputerWorld, named one of the best places to work in NYC by Crain’s New York, and honored as one of Fortune’s best places to work. A veteran of the e-commerce space, Ryan was formerly Director of Acquisition at Bonobos and prior to that, Head of Ecommerce at Brickhouse Security. He has served on the advisory boards of both BabyAge.com and Bonobos.

3 Steps to Stop Using Email Like a Billboard

As any accident lawyer or dubious plastic surgeon would tell you, the success of billboard marketing is an exercise in volume. Masses of road-trippers and rush-hour drivers glancing at your ad will see the same message. While only a fraction will feel compelled to act on it, that fraction represents a little of enough for…

Advances in Shopper Convenience Force Marketers to Reprioritize

There was a time when the merchandise within the four walls of a retail store dictated what shoppers could buy. Those four walls have come down. Digitally enabled shopping — from mobile comparison shopping to social recommendations — has launched a feverish quest to serve the new battleground of customer expectations by delivering shopping experiences…