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In episode 42 of Total Retail Tech Insights, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Jonathan Silver, CEO and co-founder of Engage People, the solution and execution partner for your company’s loyalty and incentive strategy. Listen in as Silver provides an overview of the business (0:50), his professional background (4:25), Engage People's pay-with-points program (6:05), and the different ways consumers can utilize rewards points as payment (8:15).

In addition, Silver shares the loyalty rewards payment trends he's seeing from consumers (10:55), the evolution of customer engagement with loyalty programs (11:45), the benefit of rewards points transactions for retailers (13:00), and how Engage People improves loyalty member acquisition and retention (14:15). He touches on how Engage People complements retailers' in-house loyalty programs (15:00), the business benefits for financial institutions (17:15), the value in attending industry events like CRMC (18:50), and how retailers can learn more about Engage People (19:30).

This episode was recorded at CRMC 2024 in Chicago.

Jonathan Silver, CEO, leads the long-term corporate strategy, marketing and sales at Engage People. He has over 20 years of experience driving growth in the loyalty and technology industry. Prior to Engage People, Silver held numerous senior positions in the loyalty sector and was chairman and co-owner of MyAxs, and CEO and co-founder of Access (formerly LRG Rewards).

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