Designed for retail CEO's, CMO's, e-Commerce Directors, Marketing Managers and other strategic decision makers, the Total Retail Resource Library is the premier source for free retail oriented best practices and case studies.

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Total Retail's Top 100 Omnichannel Retailers

In its first ever ranking of 100 publicly traded retailers by their omnichannel capabilities, Total Retail, in conjunction with Radial, a leading omnichannel commerce technology and operations provider, offer a blueprint for brands on how to deliver the seamless, quick and enjoyable customer experiences that today’s digitally savvy consumers demand.

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SLI Systems’ E-Commerce Performance Indicators and Confidence Report

Online retailing continues to prove its resilience with strong growth year after year. The opportunities for e-commerce have never been greater. At the same time, consumer expectations for relevance, price and fulfillment speed, among other issues, make competition fierce for online and multichannel merchants of all sizes, in all regions. In its inaugural EPIC Report, SLI Systems provides e-commerce industry survey findings from more than 200 e-commerce professionals around the globe.

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Online Taxes

2017 Sales Tax Changes

This report covers everything you need to know about sales tax changes taking effect in 2017, and provides insider tips to help retailers prepare. It's a must read for online sellers.

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Data Security

PCI FAQs and Myths

Every business that accepts debit and credit cards must obey these PCI standards, no matter what processing methods they use. BluePay has created an easy-to-read guide answering some frequently asked questions as well as discrediting a few myths concerning PCI compliance.

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Build a Brand Without Promotional Discounts

People are shopping online because of its inherent convenience, but research shows it’s also easier to find better prices. As you work to build a desirable brand with loyal, long-term customers, how do you attract and convert them without cheapening your brand identity? Read our e-book to learn how to build a brand without promotional discounts.

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