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Personal Development

Total Retail's 2016 Salary Report

In 2016, we conducted a salary survey with our audience to gather data about their salaries, benefits (financial and nonfinancial) and views on growth potential at their current companies. A number of variables were examined to provide a comprehensive look into the average retail salary. Those variables included gender, age, experience, title, department, geographic region, retail vertical, organizational department and company size (by revenue).

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Spotlight: Kinetic Emails

Kinetic email is the next stage of responsive email design, and allows email content to be interactive and dynamic. This report highlights trends in kinetic email, as well as how brands can implement it into their marketing campaigns.

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Amazon FBA Seller’s Guide to Sales Tax

One of the most commonly asked questions by sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is this: In what states am I required to collect sales tax? It’s a good question and one that all businesses, not just online businesses, need to address. The purpose of this report is to help sellers answer this question for themselves.

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Supply Chain

E-Commerce Impacts Global Trade

This inaugural benchmarking survey and report by AAEI and Amber Road examines the world’s current e-commerce trade and the consumer-driven “omnichannel” distribution of goods. The imperatives identified in the report are a starting point for establishing an e-commerce supply chain strategy, growing revenues globally and delivering a positive global e-commerce experience for consumers.

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Customer Data

2017 Travel & Retail Trends

In examining millions of social users’ travel experiences and opinions, Fizziology was able to identify developing trends impacting the hospitality industry in 2017 and beyond. As consumer spending habits bend in favor of travel, it's imperative for leaders in the retail industry to lend a listening ear.

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A Guide to BigCommerce SEO Success

Opening up an e-commerce store with BigCommerce is a big first step toward building your online business. You’ve chosen an extremely powerful e-commerce platform with many great capabilities. The next, and most important, step is figuring out a way to get traffic that will turn into revenue consistently going to your site. This guide will…

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Add to Cart: Deal Makers and Deal Breakers of the Online Shopping Experience

In early February 2017, Jetlore conducted a survey of 750 consumers to understand their sensitivity to online shopping experiences. The respondents, all from the United States, were of both genders, aged 18–56. This broad spectrum of respondents represents the diversity of online shoppers who routinely choose to buy online vs. visiting a brick-and-mortar store. The findings reveal that shoppers’ patience and loyalty are tightly tied to convenience and personalization.

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New Study Spotlights Trends in Supermarket Advertising and Promotions

A follow up to the groundbreaking report, Advertising and Promotional Practices Among U.S. Grocery Retailers, has just been released. The new study reveals that marketers must remain responsive and relevant, identify best practices and develop effective communications strategies. Presented by Aptaris and dunnhumby, the 2017 survey contains responses from nearly 70 food retailers, representing 4,600 stores, 34 states, and include one-store independents, small, medium and large regional companies as well as national chains. The report provides an in-depth review of today’s key industry practices with a look at expected changes in the coming years.

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