Direct Mail

Ugly Sweaters, Funky Ties, Jingle Bells and Direct Mail Sales
December 9, 2011

Direct mail is an integral part of any holiday marketing campaign. As a channel, print delivers a uniquely engaging and tangible experience. It's a quietly insistent communication that integrates well into any campaign and even affords some holiday fun. What follows are four direct mail concepts retailers can leverage to drive relevant offers, increase store traffic and build customer loyalty during the holidays:

Is Junk Mail the Last Hope for Saving the USPS?
September 14, 2011

In financial trouble that has it on the brink of default, the U.S. Postal Service is making an aggressive appeal to catalogers and other advertisers to ramp up their mailings. The theory is that their revenue can make up for steep declines in first-class consumer and business mail that has migrated online.

DMIQTV's Direct Mail Package of the Week: QR Codes
July 7, 2011

Who's not talking about QR codes in direct marketing? But are you still not convinced that QR codes are a growing trend in the mailstream? Or that they only work for certain verticals?

Retailers Drive In-Store Traffic with Personalized URLs
April 5, 2011

Every retailer understands that direct mail can't do it all. Any campaign needs the other channels to work together, to some extent — and ideally on the same page. While the closely coordinated direct mail and email campaigns are both popular and successful today, perhaps the most effective demonstration of the offline-online marriage are personalized URL (PURL) campaigns.

Free Whitepaper: Multi-Store Strategy for Online Retailers
January 25, 2011

Using a multi-store e-commerce strategy can significantly increase customer acquisition, loyalty and conversion rates. Leading online retailers are currently benefiting from an effective multi-store ecommerce strategy, now is the time to learn how.

Are Postcard Mailings Effective?
August 1, 2010

Sure, many multichannel retailers today are testing postcard mailings in an effort to drive web traffic in place of mailing catalogs. But, while mailing postcards is less expensive than catalogs, do they really work? And are they cost effective?

How to Choose the Right Design Team for Your Catalog or Direct Mail Program
May 10, 2010

Choose designers who specifically know the mail order market. Catalogs/mailers accustomed to generating sales via mail/internet ordering are a very different animal from a branding vehicle. They may look similar, but companies that create mail order catalogs and direct mail know exactly how to leverage creative that not only builds their brands, but also sells product. What looks simple is actually highly specialized and technical.

All Hands on Deck
October 1, 2009

There's growing pressure on list performance. It's more about contribution to profit and overhead, as it should be, but this has caused mailers to reduce circulation and prospect less. As a result, 12-month buyer counts are down, and there are fewer housefile names to leverage — a real dilemma. Here's how to improve list performance for email and print.