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Of course, measurement and analysis need to underpin all activities, but measurement and analysis are pointless unless they're linked to actions and initiatives, which is why seven industry-leading technology and service providers came together to create The Definitive Guide to the Perfect Page, a “cookbook” if you will, filled with best practices specific to their areas of expertise and capability. Inside, you’ll find recipes that will guide manufacturers on how to build the perfect page, drive traffic to it, and ultimately drive conversion. Each chapter includes a case study so you can learn how other manufacturers have solved for some of the same pain points you may be facing today.

From mobile-first ad formats to advanced audience targeting options, Facebook offers powerful tools for retail advertisers to find new customers and foster loyalty with existing ones. In’s holiday guide you’ll learn how to automate ads, target customers near your store locations, and optimize campaigns to ensure the best return on investment.

Email Marketing for Retailers is a complete guide to maximizing your email return on investment. Email not only produces the highest ROI, it's also consumers’ preferred marketing channel to interact with retail brands. Learn the ins and outs of an effective email program, while improving your inbox placement and customer engagement.

When leading retailers design features and promotions, analytics play a big role in their strategy. Get 1010data’s guide on Promotional Analytics in Today’s Retail World to find out how to use your own data to design promotions that drive the most trips, largest baskets, and highest store margin.

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