In this episode of Retail Right Now, Total Retail's Melissa Campanelli and Kristina Stidham discuss an article recently published by Total Retail titled, “Cookies Will Soon Be Permanently Out of Stock: The Future of Retail Advertising in a Data-Deprecated World,” authored by Melanie Berger, vice president of marketing and communications at AdTheorent. The article shares research into how brands and agencies are future-proofing their marketing approaches.

As we all know, most marketers today use third-party cookies heavily to enhance their digital advertising efforts. However, new privacy laws, browser and operating system restrictions on data collection, and consumers opting out of third-party tracking will soon make a cookie-less future a reality. Berger advises that retail marketers need to take control of their own destinies, deal with this issue head on, and test new partners and approaches for collecting customer data. To read all of Berger’s advice for thriving in a cookie-less marketing world, click the link to the full article here.

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