Today's retailers are burdened with the need to stay on top of consumer preferences, emerging technology, modern customer journeys, innovations in the retail experience, and much more. Retailers also need to be able to trust their technology providers and third-party vendors to keep ahead of the biggest trends affecting the industry, while also providing actionable solutions for brands to stay competitive. So, what retail trends are these technology providers looking at right now?

While at the recent Total Retail Tech event, we spoke to technology experts from the industry's top service providers to learn what trends they're tracking, and why they think these trends could change the industry. In this video, hear from Lizzy Eisenberg, director of market development, Afterpay; Sean Moran, senior vice president of North America, DynamicAction; Lauren Sveen, sales manager, Melissa; Angie Arnspiger, vice president of business development, NaviStone; Mary Grace Tifft, enterprise sales director, Custora; Jenn Grabenstetter, vice president of global brand and content marketing, Sealed Air; Nicolas de Rosen, CEO North America, iAdvize; Chris Duskin, vice president of marketing, Extole; Mike Perekupka, senior product manager, Sidecar; and Joe Yakuel, founder and CEO, Agency Within.

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