Margaret Moraskie

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No, you're not seeing things. Before I get started with this month's Editor's Note, let me point out the obvious: As you can see from our new logo on the cover, All About ROI is now Retail Online Integration.

In today's economy, brands have to do more than just help consumers become familiar with a retail establishment, product or service — they have to help make these things stand out from the competition. This was the focus of a session at last month's Retail Marketing Conference in Orlando, Fla. called "Brand Voila! Maximizing Your Multichannel Merchandising Experience."

This month, Margaret Moraskie, vice president of e-commerce for women’s apparel cataloger Boston Proper, discusses her life in the catalog, retail and online trades.

By Donna Loyle Unique merchandise, exceptional visual branding and a textbook e-commerce strategy give Boston Proper a leg up on its competition. Boston Proper CEO Michael Tiernan calls it "The Billion-Dollar Opportunity." His vision encompasses a multichannel strategy targeting affluent, self-assured, baby boomer women — a generation notorious for its conviction that it will stay vibrant and sexy long into old age. Tiernan's Boston Proper catalog and e-commerce site offer unique, fashion-forward and sexy apparel, shoes and accessories to well-educated and busy women primarily in the 35-to-55 age range. They may have children, husbands and

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