Catalog Circulation

Spur Response With Unit Drivers
December 1, 2011

A unit driver is simply a product that sells in high quantity. Why do unit drivers matter? High unit sales tell you a product has broad appeal, and broad appeal means higher response rates from a wide range of consumers — like prospects.

Google Catalogs Adds More Brands, Categories
November 8, 2011

Google Catalogs has doubled its collection of catalogs to include more than 100 brands and 300 individual catalogs from brands such as Williams-Sonoma, Sephora and Nordstrom.

New Express Catalog is a Multichannel Maven
September 13, 2011

This month, Express is enhancing the customer experience by launching its first-ever catalog in many different channels. The company studied its customer and found that customers want to shop in many different ways. To accompany customer wants, Express added e-commerce, m-commerce and f-commerce to its resume over the last few years and the catalog seems to be the next logical step.

J.C. Penney to Sell its Outlet Stores, Close Catalog
September 6, 2011

While many other retailers are increasing the number of outlet stores they operate, J.C. Penney is getting out of the business altogether. The retailer has reached a deal to sell 19 of its outlet stores to SB Capital. The department store chain made the decision to get out of operating the stores at the same time it is closing its print catalog business.

The Lost Art of Effective Cataloging
September 1, 2011

Producing catalogs using what used to be catalog best practices — is now almost a lost art. Can I cover the lost art of cataloging for you in 1,000 words? No way. But I can lay out some best practices to help lead the way.

Restoration Hardware Fall Catalog is 616-Page Sourcebook/Magazine
August 30, 2011

Restoration Hardware announced the release of an entirely new publication, described as the company's "largest-ever source book/magalog/catalog." The book includes original editorial profiles of some of the designers and craftsmen behind the company's latest designs.

Express to Release Its First Catalog This Fall
August 26, 2011

Express has just released its very first catalog consisting of 48 glossy pages that feature apparel from the men's and women's fall 2011 collection. The colorful catalog, which was shot in New Orleans' French Quarter, has everything from casual to premium looks, workwear and party attire.