Catalog Circulation

Sephora Enhances Shopping Experience With Google Catalogs App
August 23, 2011

Sephora is enhancing the shopping experience and broadening its mobile reach with a new Google Catalogs application for tablet devices. Google Catalogs is a free app that lets users browse catalogs from Macy’s, Brooks Brothers, Pottery Barn and others via the iPad. Users can also interact with videos and additional content for a rich user experience.

Google Launches Catalog Shopping App
August 17, 2011

Googe has created Google Catalogs, a free app for tablet devices that enables you to browse all of your favorite catalogs and interact with new layers of rich-media content. The Google Catalogs app features digital versions of catalogs across many popular categories, including fashion and apparel, beauty, jewelry, home, kids and gifts.

Ikea Reinvents its Catalog
August 4, 2011

Ikea has turned to McCann New York — and its Swedish Chief Creative Officer Linus Karlsson — to help redo its catalog. Until now, the catalog's design and marketing has been handled by ICOM, Ikea's in-house team at its headquarters in Almhult, Sweden. 

Greener Pastures for Traditional Catalogs
August 1, 2011

At the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in San Diego this past June, I stumbled upon a new iPad app that’s contributing to the mobile shopping craze. The app is called Coffee Table, and it’s revolutionizing and re-energizing the catalog industry in a very green way.

New IKEA Catalog Stresses Smaller, Cheaper Products
July 22, 2011

For some, it’s the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book. For others, the catalog-drop event of the year comes courtesy of IKEA, the Swedish seller of furniture and home decor. It’s a big enough deal that IKEA hosted a press event Thursday in New York to unveil the 2012 edition — all 374 pages of it. An iPhone app version and IKEA's first catalog for the iPad will be available on iTunes in August.

Leveraging Your Catalog Assets Across Channels
April 1, 2011

My internet marketing manager says she needs more budget for web, email, ads and social media. My store manager says he needs more budget for store marketing. But I don't have any more budget to give them. How can we stick with the budgets we have and still accomplish our goals?

Digi-Key Drops Print Catalog
March 30, 2011

Electronics component distributor Digi-Key announced that it will immediately cease all print versions of its product catalog and TechZone magazine, offering this content exclusively online. The decision to go all digital is driven by the company's efforts to be environmentally vigilant. Digi-Key says the move marks a major milestone in its transition into a totally integrated internet-based distributor, using state-of-the-art technology to support customers and streamline sales for suppliers worldwide.

Matchback Programs Far From Perfect, Survey Finds
March 29, 2011

In a follow-up to a recent blog post from the American Catalog Mailers Association (ACMA) titled Now's the Time for All Catalogers to Have Fine-Tuned Matchback Programs, comes results from the ACMA's Catalog Matchbacks Survey.

Matchbacks and the Evolving Science of Attribution
March 25, 2011

In what seems like a generation ago — before the internet — catalog orders came in one of two ways: via the mail or phone. Source code capture rates of 85 percent were the norm and it was easy to read the results from each mailing list. Then along came the internet and measuring catalog response rates became complicated. The percentage of online orders continues to grow, making the attribution of orders very complicated. Consumers receive catalogs, emails, online ads and many more advertisements. Knowing which marketing vehicle should get credit for an order is a challenge.