Winnie Park

Melissa Campanelli is Editor-in-Chief of Total Retail. She is an industry veteran, having covered all aspects of retail, tech, digital, e-commerce, and marketing over the past 20 years. Melissa is also the co-founder of the Women in Retail Leadership Circle.

Ashley Chiaradio is the Senior Content Strategist at Total Retail. Ashley has been creating content for more than 7 years, and provides a unique insight in covering the retail industry having worked directly for retailers in the past. She’s passionate about profiling women leadership in the space.

During last month's Women in Retail and Total Retail Virtual Lounge, Winnie Park, CEO of Paper Source, touched on everything from how the retailer is weathering the current pandemic to how Park’s leadership style particularly resonates during these challenging times. In this video clip from the session, Park discusses how Paper Source’s marketing and messaging strategy has shifted since the COVID-19 pandemic.

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