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Melissa Campanelli is Editor-in-Chief of Total Retail. She is an industry veteran, having covered all aspects of retail, tech, digital, e-commerce, and marketing over the past 20 years. Melissa is also the co-founder of the Women in Retail Leadership Circle.

Holidays have a way of chopping off the sales tail. Often, you'll see sales increases early in the week, only to see those sales rapidly decline in the days leading up to the holiday. Sales seldom rebound in the days following a holiday. Try creating a new event to generate interest, as holidays cause customers to shift focus from the old event to the holiday.

The Container Store, a leading multichannel retailer of storage and organization products, understands the importance of having a cross-channel retail strategy: Developing cross-channel customers pads its bottom line.

Any time you have a cohort of customers that is highly multichannel in nature, you have tremendous opportunities for ad cost savings. Here are four tips for filtering customers for profit:

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