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A unanimous Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that federal courts can hear a dispute over Colorado's internet tax law. One justice suggested it was time to reconsider the ban on state collection of sales taxes from companies outside their borders. The ruling is a win for business groups that want to challenge the state's so-called "Amazon tax," which requires extensive reporting by out-of-state retailers that don't collect the state's 2.9 percent sales tax from Colorado customers. Online retailers claim Colorado is violating protections for companies doing business in other states.

The term omnichannel is thrown around so much in the retail industry these days that it begins to become just noise in some respects. In a session yesterday at the Annual Summit in Seattle titled Defining Omnichannel for Your Brand: Setting Priorities to Meet Customer Expectations, it was interesting that Troy Brown, executive vice president of e-commerce and omnichannel at Zumiez, the youth culture fashion retailer, said that the term is rarely if ever used at the company.

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