Content, new categories, out-of-home advertising, events and authentic influencers are the leading tools in Net-a-Porter's customer acquisition toolbox, according to Heather Kaminetsky, vice president of marketing for the Americas at the global online luxury brand. Heather discussed these strategies while speaking on a panel titled Innovative Acquisition Strategies for the Modern Retailer at last month's Women in Retail Leadership Summit in Miami.

There are few shoes more recognizable than the Timberland yellow boot. You know the one: The high-top styling, the sturdy-looking nubuck leather, the rubber lug sole to protect feet from sheets of rain or piles of snow. But the durable boot - and the rest of Timberland's footwear and

Online marketplaces are a considerable accelerator of e-commerce adoption around the world. Marketplaces make it easy to buy online by offering a variety of products and deals, storing payment and shipping information, providing easy mobile access via apps, and allowing buyers to read and compare product reviews for multiple retailers.

As retailers expand services to support a variety of products, they must find ways to build relationships through computers and mobile devices, as well as turn negative events (e.g., product failures) into opportunities. As demands grow, retailers look to field techs, often the only touchpoint post-sale, to improve customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty. 

Omnichannel is the buzzword du jour in retailing. From large chains to midsize independents, brands across the retail industry are eager to leverage new digital opportunities as drivers of increased revenues and market expansion. But while many retailers are talking about omnichannel opportunities, a much smaller number understand what omnichannel really means.

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