Steven Kramer

Steven Kramer
How Retailers Can Adjust to the ‘Gig Economy’

The "gig economy" has taken the traditional hourly workforce by storm. 2019 has been a landmark year for the gig economy, with Lyft and Uber going public, and Postmates expected to do so in the near future. And with the number of gig workers forecast to keep growing, the traditional hourly workplace faces daunting competition…

How Retailers Can Adapt to Minimum Wage Hikes

The rising minimum wage wave has already hit many cities and states, with no plans of slowing down anytime soon. As wage increases become a not-so-distant reality, retailers are beginning to feel the heat. Employers are now challenged to offset wage hikes without losing valued workers. That's easier said than done. While many stores may…

3 Ways Retailers Can Make the Most of Obama’s Overtime Rule Change

President Obama’s recent proposal to increase the number of workers eligible for overtime pay has been stirring controversy throughout the retail industry this summer. As the salary threshold for workers who qualify for overtime pay would leap from $23,660 to $50,440, retailers will be strapped to find ways to account for this rapid jump in…

4 Steps to a Better Cross-Channel Retail Business

CXM (customer experience management) may soon take the crown as the most overused acronym in retail. Both new and existing solutions that have been around for years are being branded and rebranded as CXM solutions. However, the new demands that a cross-channel experience puts on an IT department go beyond what some point solutions can offer since they often only deal with part of the problem.