Retail Online Integration September 2010


Augmented Reality Check

A hot topic at InterACT was augmented reality (AR), and how brands can use it to achieve success. While we've covered AR before, I have to admit, I'm a bit of a skeptic, especially when it comes to bells and whistles for the sake of bells and whistles. That said, I was impressed by some of the case studies presented at InterACT; specifically, those that were able to tie revenue increases to their AR programs.

Can a Big Brand Make it on eBay?

If you're a large retailer that has either yet to consider eBay or historically avoided it due to its challenges, think again. With eBay's shift toward fixed-price listings — helping it to bring more well-known brands to the site — it's time to re-evaluate and take advantage of the opportunities to further diversify your business, get your products in front of eBay's 90 million shoppers and increase revenue.

Do You Feel Stupid That You Don’t Tweet?

if you're not tweeting, blogging or streaming, don't feel stupid. You probably just have bottom-line accountability and don't want to waste money. Come to think of it, you're actually sounding pretty smart.
 But, you're probably receiving pressure to jump on the social media bandwagon. It's just that you're justifiably concerned that it may not yield measureable benefits. Like all direct marketing, approaching social media efforts from a strategic perspective will improve 
your chances.

Facebook Store Just Right for RightSize Health & Nutrition

RightSize Health & Nutrition, a cross-channel retailer of healthy meal replacement smoothies, knew the potential of Facebook for gathering fans (i.e., leads) for the products it sells, which rely heavily on user-generated testimonials for sales.

Flush With Green

It's been an eventful couple of years for cross-channel specialty coffee retailer Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR). From acquisitions (three in the last 18 months) to the launch of a B-to-B wholesale website, GMCR has been busy growing its 29-year-old brand.

Going Global

While store-based international expansion has been the privilege of the biggest multichannel brands, online retailers can expand another way: through international e-commerce.

How Digital Signage Can Make Brands Memorable

Digital signage can be an effective means of attracting and engaging consumers. Can be, that is. For digital signage to work, above all, it must leave a memorable impression.

Palo Alto Software Uses Live Chat 
to Increase Sales

PROBLEM: Palo Alto Software (PAS), an online retailer of business plan and marketing plan software, sought a customer service tool to improve consumers' experiences on its website. SOLUTION: Contracted with a web communication tools provider to implement live chat on its website. RESULTS: Since launching its latest version of live chat on its website over…

Test How Offers Can Grow Your Brand

Regardless of the channels in which you sell, testing is invaluable to your business. And offer testing, in particular, is misunderstood in both practice and power. Yet testing seems complicated and time consuming. Is it worth it? The answer: You can't afford NOT to test.

Testing, Testing: 5 Web Attributes to Test This Season

Sure, you're entrenched in the holiday season by now, making sure your website is up to date with the most current inventory and that every one of your customers is happy and well served. But that doesn't mean it's time to rest on your laurels. In fact, the holiday season is a great time to test new web attributes and programs that may improve your shoppers' experiences, and ultimately bring you more sales.

Tuesday the Busiest Day for Email Delivery

Tuesday is the busiest delivery day for email, at least according to the the recently published DirectMarketingIQ report titled "All About Email Creative."

Viral Marketing With Free Samples Grows Yogi’s Mail and Email Lists

With one free sample offer, Yogi is collecting well-wishers' names and email addresses, well-wishees' names and email addresses, and well-wishees' mailing information and tea preferences. Plus, the whole program is a direct referral of Yogi's products from one friend to another that creates a chance to impress prospects with the company's high-end teas.

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