Home Depot

Web Search Seasonality
May 23, 2006

Look at historic on-site search data for the in-season periods of your business. Do shoppers on your site search using different terms than they do during non-seasonal periods? Use this data to create promotional search results for in-season keywords. Shoppers should see search results that specifically relate to what they're looking for, and when during the year they look for it. —Greg Foglesong, director of multichannel marketing, The Home Depot

Chop and Change
April 1, 2004

I’ve been leading a double life. I’m an editor by day, and in the evenings and on weekends I become a home remodeler. For the past four years, my husband, Tom, and I have been renovating a 40-year-old condo in center city Philadelphia. Our decision to renovate was a no-brainer. We got the unit for a reasonable price (all right, it was cheap). And it’s in a good building and a neighborhood that I love. “Needs a little work,” the realtor said cryptically. “Define ‘little,’” Tom gave her a sideways glance. We went to see it. She wasn’t kidding. By

A Healthy Bottom Line
July 1, 2002

When Glen Pirie came to Swanson Health Products four years ago with a background in retail operations he was used to serving big customers like Wal-Mart and Home Depot. But he soon realized that for a consumer catalog, “A lot of the same business principles apply—like giving customers what they want.” The difference in the catalog field, he says is that there are “a lot more customers when you’re dealing with catalog orders. At Swanson, we have about 750,000.” Today, Pirie overseas purchasing, receiving, manufacturing and logistics at Swanson, which markets about 6,000 vitamin and health supplement products, including national and proprietary