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Crocs, Aritzia Use A/B Testing to Optimize E-Commerce Businesses
April 16, 2015

You hear it over and over again — test, test, test — but how many of you are actually following that advice? Testing is a critical component to website optimization, and two companies that have taken heed of this fact are casual footwear retailer Crocs and women's fashion apparel brand Aritzia. In a session yesterday at the Demandware XChange conference in Las Vegas, Scott Keller, senior web developer at Aritzia, and Haley Nemann, senior manager of global e-commerce user experience at Crocs, discussed how their brands are using A/B testing to increase sales, decrease costs and increase customer engagement.

How Nordstrom Ensures its Website Will Perform at 100% This Holiday Season
November 25, 2014

It's a scenario that's unfortunately all-too-common for retailers: You create an exciting sale or product event during the busy holiday season, and a flood of shoppers come online to scoop up the deals. But soon after the merchandise is posted, your site begins to waver and then crash due to the weight of the increased traffic. How can you ensure consumers enjoy a secure, fast and engaging shopping experience — and one that doesn't crash — on your website this holiday season? To find out, I spoke with Gopal Brugalette, the applied architect for Nordstrom's performance engineering team

How to Get Your Website Discovered
September 23, 2014

"Hi, I'm planning to launch an e-commerce site for women's apparel. The price point for the merchandise is between $150 and $500. I know the hardest part is going to be getting the website discovered. Could you give some advice on how to do that?" 
- Dina Agam, Entrepreneur

This Holiday Season, Take a Page From Bezos’ Book
September 11, 2014

Amazon.com is the most talked about — and feared — company in retail today. You can argue that its success is simply because of low prices, but the truth is consumers also shop Amazon more frequently because of the company's consumer-centric approach.

Alibaba's 11Main.com Site is a Flop
August 13, 2014

After visiting the new beta site several times, I'm convinced that Alibaba's U.S. website 11Main.com isn't a dynamic selling site that will keep me up at night worrying about its competitive edge versus other retailers. The merchandise is very nice, unique and often organic. I can purchase antique rugs, organic toys and clothing for little kids, rare stamps, pottery, sheets, and bed linens, and fashions for the whole family. While the offerings are broad, I must say the fashion isn't exciting. Still in the beta stage, it could improve, but I was disappointed.

Wal-Mart Personalizes the Online Shopping Experience
August 4, 2014

Wal-Mart, in its latest bid to compete with nemesis Amazon.com, is rebuilding its website to further personalize the online shopping experience of each customer. Wal-Mart is rolling out a feature that will enable its website to show shoppers more products that they may like, based on previous purchase data. It will also customize Wal-Mart's homepage for each shopper based on the customer's location, local weather, and their search and purchase history. So if a new mom just bought a stroller or crib on Walmart.com, the revamped website might recommend diapers and car seats, too.