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The 5 Biggest Digital Shopping Trends This Holiday Season
October 4, 2013

Americans will be hankering to live more like the Jetsons, snatching up everyday consumer products that talk back and tell users what they need to know (or what they think they need to know). At the same time, retailers will operate more and more like Big Brother, sending shoppers more targeted emails that reflect stores’ increasingly sophisticated monitoring of buying patterns and behavior. Those are two of the five major digital trends that will drive the holiday shopping experience this year, said Kyle Lacy, senior manager of content marketing and research for ExactTarget, a provider of digital marketing software solutions.

Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Gear Up for Holidays With Permanent Free Shipping
October 2, 2013

Neiman Marcus Group is looking to revitalize its e-commerce business before the holiday season's fervor begins by offering permanent free shipping and returns year-round for all domestic purchases made through and as well as at retail locations. By removing some of the burdens that deter consumers from shopping online, Neiman Marcus may see a surge in e-commerce. Additionally, Neiman Marcus Group's move demonstrates that retailers are still adjusting to the digital sphere and determining the right balance between in-store and online.

Halloween is the Perfect Holiday for Retailers
September 26, 2013

With our seemingly endless fascination for "The" holiday shopping season — which culminates in important religious holidays like Christmas, Kwanza and Chanukah — we often lose sight of Halloween. But if you've ever worked for a party supply retailer and/or costume supplier (which I have), it's a holiday you never forget. Before the chaos we now call "doorbusters" that occur Thanksgiving weekend, there were the three days before Halloween. Launches Activity-Based Loyalty Program
July 22, 2013 is launching the Gilt Insider Program, a new free rewards program offering Gilt members the opportunity to earn points for free by interacting with the site. Activities such as making purchases, referring friends and visiting online sales earn members points they can redeem for benefits such as access to early sales, exclusive discounts, free shipping and invites to special events.