Identity Resolution Helps Retailers Stay in the Cadence of a Customer Journey
October 5, 2022 at 10:17 am

Unwanted inventory and a higher demand for low-cost items forced prominent retailers to adjust their earnings forecast and miss their estimates, causing the cancellation of billions in orders and heavy markdowns. Chalked up by one CFO as a short-term fix to avoid longer-term pain, the strategy nevertheless indicates that many large retailers don't understand their…

To Capitalize on Customer Engagement, Retailers Need to Dive Deeper Into Customer Insights
September 6, 2022 at 5:11 pm

The digital landscape is evolving at lightning speed. Retailers are overwhelmed due to the multifaceted nature of their work that requires them to manage multiple digital channels, work with different tools, analyze data, and make faster decisions. The increasing number of Martech solutions makes it even more complex — 9,932 in 2022 compared with 7,040…

4 Tips for Holiday Planning Based on Back-to-School Trends
August 31, 2022 at 9:51 am

The kids are already headed back to school, and the way parents shopped for them will be an indicator of holiday purchase patterns. This year, major macro retail trends at play are upending how consumers shop as they prioritize different factors in their consideration process. Let’s look at how holiday 2022 might mimic back-to-school shopping…

For Retailers, 'Small' Data is the Key to Impactful Personalized and Localized Campaigns
August 11, 2022 at 10:51 am

Personalization might be the word of the year for retail marketing. As technology has evolved, retailers are now able to scale local promotions to maintain the reach that only national promotions in a bygone era of big TV commercial budgets and Times Square takeovers would have delivered. It’s widely known that consumer preferences have shifted…

Retail Media Networks Need a Data Spine Flexible Enough for the Real World
August 9, 2022 at 6:53 pm

In May, Marriott joined the growing list of brands launching retail media networks (RMNs). Marriott’s flavor promises advertisers access to 164 million members of its “Bonvoy” travel program. While Marriott’s RMN doesn’t build on established partner-brand relationships and co-op budgets the way a brand like Walmart can, Marriott’s sheer size and scope across many screens…

SaaS Backups Can Power Big Data Insights for Retailers
August 9, 2022 at 4:55 pm

No one likes paying for backup. Obviously, retailers need it. Businesses today operate on data, and without it, commerce grinds to a halt. But it’s painful to spend money on something that you hope you never have to use. The value is all tied up with the nasty what-if of corrupted data, a fire, a…

Sleep Number CRM and Loyalty Leader: 'Direct Mail is a Huge Differentiator'
July 26, 2022 at 6:31 pm

In episode 359 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Lisa Erickson, senior director of customer relationship management and loyalty at Sleep Number, the leader in sleep health, science, and smart bed innovation. Erickson discusses her professional background and current role, how Sleep Number is differentiating itself by transitioning to a well-being brand that sells sleep, and how its loyalty program drives long-term customer engagement and education.

The Future of E-Commerce is Now, and it’s Driven by First-Party Data
July 6, 2022 at 2:46 pm

Technology has been woven into the fabric of our daily lives, with consumers banking, communicating and shopping online. However, the convenience of e-commerce can come at an expense. As consumers have moved deeper toward a digital-first world, questions and concerns about data privacy have grown exponentially. Under increasing pressure, Google recently announced that it will…

Rethink Personalization as Customer Understanding to Delight Customers
July 1, 2022 at 11:14 am

Personalization is among the most hotly debated topics among marketers. To some, it's the holy grail their organizations need to seize to delight existing customers, acquire new ones, and prove return on marketing spend. To others, it's a false flag for invasive data collection and inaccurate promotions that alienate shoppers. One way to reframe the…

It’s Time We Make E-Commerce More Human
June 30, 2022 at 4:22 pm

Your brand’s customers are getting sick of artificial intelligence, chatbots and automated experiences. Automation isn’t the enemy, but we’ve gone too far; 75 percent of customers want to interact with a real person more as technology improves.