Catalog KPIs … Keeping Your Eyes on the Ball
April 28, 2021 at 7:02 pm

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are important to any print catalog or digital marketing business. Knowing how often and which KPI to track can make a huge difference to your profit and loss (P&L) statement. You need to separate the “nice to know” from the “need to know” information. Tracking nonessential KPIs might make you feel…

5 Ways AI Helps Retailers Get Ready for the Post-Pandemic Economy
April 12, 2021 at 4:59 pm

As vaccine distribution moves us closer to a post-pandemic life, businesses are still navigating the economic uncertainty. Retail leaders understand that consumer buying patterns have changed in ways that are likely to persist once the virus is under control. Retailers know they’ll need to adapt to stay a step ahead of competitors and increase profits…

Need More Customers? Look to the Data
March 10, 2021 at 11:17 am

COVID-19 has wrought many changes in society. For retailers, perhaps the most important is the massive shift to online purchases of just about everything. On the one hand, online retailers of all kinds are facing more competition from newcomers which previously concentrated on in-store sales. With more e-commerce sites to compete against — especially, of…

Next-Gen Experience Management: Stop Reacting, Start Anticipating
February 23, 2021 at 2:51 pm

In a rapidly changing retail environment, there's one seemingly obvious constant. A positive experience, whether with a brand, product, service or an employee, forms the foundation of meaningful customer engagement and drives sales. The imperative, therefore, is for companies in all industries to figure out how to create experiences that reflect exactly what their customers…

5 Ways Data-Driven Intelligence Can Transform Your Retail Strategy
January 20, 2021 at 12:14 pm

A crisis forces a change like no other. If retail enterprise debates centered around IT budget in pre-pandemic times, now it’s unequivocally for swift digitalization from customer point of sales (POS) to supply chain. The retail sector has learned some hard lessons from today’s uncertain business climate. However, some enterprises are ahead in their game…

Planning in a Pandemic: How AI-Powered Analytics Can Help Retailers Today
January 11, 2021 at 10:10 pm

Consumption and shopping behaviors have changed dramatically, leaving retailers with a challenging and dynamic planning process ahead — months after the start of the pandemic. Further complicating things, historical data is losing relevance, and it’s unclear which new behaviors will stick. Retailers must now juggle hundreds of constantly changing variables and answer questions like: With…

Why Brand Awareness is Vital for Business Growth
January 6, 2021 at 2:44 pm

Many organizations believe they have an adequate understanding of how they're perceived in the competitive landscape because they have anecdotal evidence from talking to their customers or loosely collected data in-market. Others deprioritize brand awareness efforts because they don’t fully grasp the potential benefits. In reality, operating without understanding how the market truly perceives you across major customer touchpoints is like trying to cross an ocean without navigation tools.

How Retailers Are Achieving Real-Time Decision Making in a COVID-19 World
December 4, 2020 at 3:58 pm

The COVID-19 pandemic, and resulting store closures, drastically changed how retailers operate and interact with shoppers. Now, social distancing and phased re-openings around the globe are having continual impacts on consumer behavior. To navigate the ongoing upheaval, retailers need to supplement historical data with fresh insights, allowing them to better strategize with near real-time decision…