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In episode 40 of Total Retail Tech Insights, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Maigari Jinkiri, vice president of business development at Celebrus, a customer data and fraud prevention solution. Listen in as Jinkiri provides an overview of the business and how it works with retailers (0:45), his professional background that led him to recently join Celebrus (2:05), its digital analytics product (3:25) and why the company decided to build the platform (5:15).

In addition, Jinkiri details the data challenges that many retailers are facing today (7:15), why attribution is critical for efficient and effective marketing spend (8:30), how data can be used to create lifetime value (9:05), and why accurate digital reporting is crucial for business success (10:15). Lastly, he shares how retail marketers should be preparing for the demise of third-party cookies (12:00), and shares insights into Celebrus' CX Vault solution that powers personalization without customer data to ensure GDPR compliance (13:10).

This episode was recorded last week at eTail West 2024 in Palm Springs, CA.

Maigari Jinkiri joined Celebrus in 2024. Prior to joining Celebrus, Maigari worked in the digital analytics space leading digital data collection and analytics strategy for Fortune 500 companies. He also co-founded a digital data quality startup focused on selling to enterprise customers (e.g., Zoom, IHG). He lives in Austin, Texas.

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