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Joe Keenan is the executive editor of Total Retail.

As ticket volume invariably rises during the holidays, companies can find it challenging to manage both the influx of customers and the accompanying surge of support tickets. What’s more, that ticket surge will vary by channel, along with increasing service expectations for the channel of their choice. This report evaluates trends in customer service from past holiday seasons, what they mean for retailers, and how companies can better prepare for this year's holiday season — the biggest, most crucial time of year for customer support.

Building loyalty requires more than knowing who your customers are—customers are loyal to brands because of the value they create. Compare your process with these steps and learn how to nurture deep customer relationships.

Retail is in a constant state of death and rebirth. The Curated Future examines retail's next big trend — curation over selection. As digitally native brands continue to flood an already saturated market, this research report looks at the impact on consumers. Frustrated, consumers are increasingly turning to a trusted voice — retailers — to curate a selection of products aimed directly at a defined consumer type.

Riverbed Technology’s Retail Digital Transformation Survey explores the current state of brick-and-mortar retailers and the tools they need to stay competitive, thrive and drive meaningful customer experiences. The global survey of 300 IT decision makers from the retail sector across the United States, Australia and Germany reveals the importance of adopting next-generation technology to enhance the customer buying experience and ultimately drive a cohesive in-store to online digital presence. In fact, nearly half of respondents agreed their company will need to adopt new technology in the next three years to evolve and stay competitive, with 98 percent identifying cloud-based solutions as critical to transforming the digital retail experience.

Will robots write our commerce emails? Not yet. Should we finally stop relying on batch-and-blast emails? Yes! Learn more in Bronto’s annual trends paper, where we interviewed the experts with one goal: Find out what commerce marketers must do to stay competitive in 2018. Download now!

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