SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — O'Reilly Auto Parts, reported that sales for its second quarter ended June 30 increased $84 million, or 6%, to $1.56 billion from $1.48 billion for the same period one year ago. The company posted a 9% increase in net income to $146 million from $134 million for the same period last year. Diluted earnings per common share for the second quarter increased 20% to $1.15 on 127 million shares versus 96 cents for the same period one year ago on 140 million shares. Comparable-store sales increased 2.5% for the second quarter versus 4.4% for the

By Matt Griffin, Alan Rimm-Kaufman and Joe Dysart There's never a lack of new ideas in online selling. The trick is finding those approaches that work for your business and implementing them properly. Everyone's looking for the next big thing in online marketing — namely, a tactic that will allow marketers to connect with their online customers in hitherto unparalleled ways. And while you're searching for that singular method to drive customers straight to your checkout page, this special report is designed to expose you to a few tactics you may not have considered. Or, if you've considered some or all of these ideas,

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