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Just downstairs from a real estate agency in Campbell, California, a team from eBay is experimenting on a very different type of dressing room for their partner, the tech-forward fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff. These dressing rooms feature Kinect sensors that record customers’ motions, adjustable lighting, touchscreens, and a sophisticated tracking system which identifies the customer and remembers what they bring into the dressing room and don't purchase. The goal? A dressing room which sends emails to customers afterwards, offering them the clothing that they didn't purchase in a size or color the store doesn't have.

eBay may be closing shop on its same-day eBay Now delivery service. VentureBeat reports that the PayPal-owned venture is shutting down the local-focused arm of its business, likely from the growing competition in the space. According to an eBay statement, however, the company denies it is shutting down the service. "Our vision is to make eBay the most convenient way for consumers to shop locally, and to be the best partner for merchants to

For Wisteria, an omnichannel retailer of distinctive home furnishings and accessories, sales growth has come easier than for a lot of other brands. The company has consistently grown revenue since its founding in 2000. Last year, for example, saw revenue increase 25 percent. What was missing — at least to Wisteria's standards — was profitability. To help in that area, Wisteria has partnered with NetSuite to deploy the software provider's SuiteCommerce and POS solutions in an effort to become a more efficient (and profitable) organization. 

eBay Now is a same-day delivery service, but not for items offered on by its millions of sellers — at least not yet. Instead, the eBay Now service is exclusively for local brick-and-mortar retailers in certain cities: San Francisco and the Peninsula, San Jose, parts of New York City, Chicago, and Dallas. While Best Buy, AutoZone and Toys"R"Us were among the first retailers to participate in eBay Now, the list of retailers now participating include the following featured stores: Home Depot; Office Depot; Walgreens; GNC; Radio Shack; Macys; Microsoft; Guitar Center; Bloomingdale's; and Urban Outfitters.

Google must be seeing some success from its same-day delivery service because it's announced it will be expanding the service to the Southland. Right now, the trial run service will only be available for several hundred Google employees in Santa Monica, though should the company see success with this expansion, it could eventually be opened to the general public. Indeed, when Google launched its Shopping Express pilot in March 2013, it was only available for Google employees in Northern California. However, since September, the service has been available to all customers in San Francisco and San Jose.

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