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We're proud to bring you our annual list of the 100 fastest-growing cross-channel retailers for the 2011 to 2012 fiscal year. To compile the list, we researched 2012 fiscal year net sales figures for all the public retail companies in the U.S. and Canada. We then compared those numbers to the previous fiscal year's net sales. After we figured out the percentage change year-over-year, we ranked each company in descending order for our top 100. We've also included some profiles that highlight specific companies on the list.

Chromax Golf, the innovative manufacturer behind a line of high-visibility, multi-colored golf balls, is now selling online thanks to a partnership with retail-integrated eCommerce provider, Shopatron. The patent-pending metallic finish of Chromax's USGA tournament-legal balls creates unprecedented visibility in all light conditions with High Visibility Technology allowing golfers to better track their ball in flight and make adjustments to their swing. Its remarkable brightness makes the ball easy to find on wayward shots and sharply reduces lost balls on the course. They are available at more than 2,000 golf shops and retail outlets. The demand for Chromax golf balls

Wauwatosa spice retailer Penzeys Spices has opened four retail stores in 2010 and plans to open several more by the end of the year. Penzeys spokeswoman Margie Gibbons and retail experts said the increased focus on home cooking in recent years and Penzeys unique retail atmosphere have helped the company grow despite the recession. Our focus always is on helping the home cook, and I think that has a lot to do with the success right now, Gibbons said. People in general are focused more on the home and family right now. I dont think thats uncommon when the

If you spend a lot of time in the great outdoors doing your thing, you’re probably in the doghouse. But a print, online and social media campaign launched this fall by Cloudveil Mountain Works, a Jackson, Wyo.-based outdoor sportswear marketer, is just for you. Cloudveil is offering customers and prospects the chance to buy apology gifts for anyone they may have offended by spending too much time skiing, fishing or climbing in the mountains.

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