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10 Best Practices for Choosing the Right E-Commerce Platform Provider
May 1, 2011

In today's cross-channel retail environment, a holistic approach to making any investment decisions — especially when it comes to choosing an e-commerce provider — is the name of the game. The process of choosing the right partner for your business can be a daunting one. H

Survey Shows Subscribers Eager to Open Daily-Deal Emails
April 14, 2011

The hype around daily-deal websites and mailings, and the rush of established online companies like Google and Facebook to get into the space, has some industry watchers wondering whether consumers will quickly tire of the offers. 

Groupon Getting Ready to Expand Into China
February 22, 2011

Deals website Groupon appears to be making preparations to start operations in China, a move that could shake up the market for group buying, even though challenges lie ahead for the young U.S. company.

What You Need to Know About Mobile Apps Before Creating Your Own
January 31, 2011

Mobile applications can be exciting, even essential tools, but the majority fall short when it comes to getting consumers to download them. Is the hype greater than the apps themselves? My company wanted to find out, so it recently conducted a national study to help marketers better understand who uses mobile apps and what makes an app a "favorite."

Want to Increase Your Online Sales?
October 1, 2010

Traffic is like oxygen for a website: it can't "live" if it doesn't get it, no matter how cool its features and graphics are. The simple truth is that you need visitors to get sales. Want to increase your sales by 20 percent this holiday season? You need 20 percent more web traffic to do so.

From the ROI Bookshelf
October 1, 2010

For an interesting look at the inner workings of the customer service industry, try Emily Yellin's "Your Call Is (not that) Important to Us."

Retailers Seek to Cash in on Facebook Users This Holiday Season
September 30, 2010

Brick-and-mortar retailers badly want to tap into Facebook's 500 million users. Retailers realize that for a growing number of Facebook users, it's no longer just a website. It's a new platform, one of the "big new disruptors" in the online world, according to experts assembled at this week's annual retail technology summit in Dallas.