Mobile Commerce

Rebound for Retail: How Mobile Can Achieve Memorability for Retailers
September 21, 2022 at 12:01 pm

Over the past few years, there’s been an increasing shift towards online retail, particularly with many of the attitudes adopted over the course of the pandemic now a part of everyday life. And many of these transactions are being carried out on mobile devices through different channels, such as “traditional” e-commerce platforms and social platforms.…

5 Tips for Increasing Speed-to-Purchase Ahead of the Holidays
September 20, 2022 at 12:01 pm

The holidays are almost here and with it, the biggest sales season of the year. And while it’s the most wonderful time of the year, there are trends and economic factors that will impact holiday shopping, including rising inflation and prices, continued supply chain issues, and additional impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges,…

99 Cents Only Stores is Bringing Savings to Shoppers In Its New Mobile App
August 4, 2022 at 5:35 pm

99 Cents Only Stores, the leading retailer of extreme value stores in the southwestern United States, is launching a new mobile app to meet the evolving needs of its customers with more personalized offers that increase savings. In this video interview, Mary Kellmanson, chief digital marketing officer at 99 Cents Only Stores, discusses how inflation is impacting customers… CEO Vijay Talwar on the Company's Turnaround Strategy
June 27, 2022 at 10:23 pm

In episode 355 of Total Retail Talks, Editor-in-Chief Joe Keenan interviews Vijay Talwar, CEO of, one of the world’s largest online marketplaces. Talwar discusses his professional background in retail (1:02), what excited him about joining Wish as chief executive (3:10), and his turnaround strategy to revitalize the business (5:12). He shares how Wish is…

How to Leverage Your App to Get More Customers
May 26, 2022 at 4:50 pm

The past two years have already, most likely, accelerated your investment in your app’s growth. In case you’re still on the fence, out of the estimated four hours that U.S. adults spend on their phones each day, 88 percent of that time happens within apps. Putting your app at the center of your omnichannel strategy…

3 Points to Consider When Implementing Chat Commerce
January 10, 2022 at 12:52 pm

As a brand, it’s becoming increasingly crucial to be present on chat apps, as almost all consumers are consistently linked to their mobile device where they’re active on at least one of them. This includes SMS, WhatsApp, and (most popularly) Facebook Messenger. As such, businesses need to be ahead of this evolution. Before we know…

Shoppers Share the Top DX Issues to Fix Before Online Holiday Surge
November 22, 2021 at 12:53 pm

Consumers are counting on e-commerce to power them through a challenging holiday season. To avoid disappointing shoppers, retailers must eliminate glitches, boost transparency, and streamline functionality, especially on mobile. A recent survey of more than 1,600 U.S. consumers by FullStory reveals that shoppers are already experiencing the effects of supply chain problems and staff shortages…

Provide the Convenience Consumers Crave With Conversational Commerce
October 14, 2021 at 4:08 pm

Customers’ expectations for convenient experiences have never been higher. In fact, 76 percent of consumers say convenience is their top priority when selecting a retailer. Wait times are getting shorter and shorter, and consumers now expect ease and convenience in every brand interaction. When one in three customers say they would walk away from their…

Most Mobile Apps Can Be Compromised in 15 Minutes or Less
September 1, 2021 at 5:53 pm

Mobile commerce has become a critical component of any retailer's strategy. After all, U.S. consumers spent $52 billion on mobile devices during the last two months of 2020 alone. That’s a 55 percent increase over the same period in 2019. With that much money flowing through mobile apps, fraudsters have taken aim at them, making…