Customer Retention

Belk Launches Cross-Channel Loyalty Program to Reward Customers
June 1, 2013

In commemoration of its 125 years in business and to demonstrate its commitment to and appreciation of its customers, Southern department store chain Belk has launched 125 Days of Prizes, a cross-channel sweepstakes program. During this time, Belk's customers will have the opportunity to win prizes and giveaways from some of the retailer's top designers and brands. Each day, customers will have the chance to win prizes retailing between $500 and $6,500. These giveaways include products from Michael Kors, Calvin Klein and KitchenAid.

Zabar's Secret to Success? Bagels, Babka and Z-Peat
May 7, 2013

Zabar's, the world-renowned New York-based gourmet specialty food retailer, has replaced its homegrown subscription e-commerce program with a new autoship program called Z-Peat. Z-Peat offers customers the ability to subscribe to their favorite and/or frequently purchased Zabar’s items, everything from coffee and teas to babka, bagels and rugelach. Products are automatically shipped to customers who register online at for the replenishment program.

Birthday Club Loyalty Programs Grow With Retailers … Even Though They're Not Effective
April 11, 2013

I'm always reminded to do an annual survey of customer loyalty programs this time of year because this is when every retail and restaurant chain in America becomes my best friend, sending me well wishes and free gifts for my birthday. Happy birthday to everyone who is willing to exchange personal information for discount coupons and more junk food than is advisable to consume if you want to live to see another birthday.

5 Questions Retailers Must Tackle to Attract and Retain Customers
April 4, 2013

Most companies want to be customer centric. The biggest roadblock to achieving that goal is breaking down the silos that exist in most companies. Sometimes these are lines of business, divisions, departments or regions. It may be as simple as your organization structure and who reports to whom. If your company is looking to overcome this challenge, then this set of five questions to ask and answer is for you.

Wal-Mart Mulls Getting Customers to Deliver Packages to Online Buyers
March 29, 2013

Wal-Mart is considering a radical plan to have store customers deliver packages to online buyers, a new twist on speedier delivery services that the company hopes will enable it to better compete with Tapping customers to deliver goods would put the world's largest retailer squarely in middle of a new phenomenon sometimes known as "crowdsourcing," or the "sharing economy."

How Retailers Can Reconnect With Boomer Consumers
March 19, 2013

About 10,000 people in the United States will turn 65-years-old today. And tomorrow. And the day after. In fact, every day for the next 19 years there will be 10,000 more Americans reaching retirement age. The numbers are staggering and a major reason why retailers need to start taking notice.

How IKEA Leveraged The Art Of Listening To Global Dominance
January 31, 2013

Last week, Swedish furniture retailer IKEA posted record revenues of $36 billion in 2012 and an 8 percent increase in net profit. The US market was a primary growth driver, with $4.1 billion in total sales. Since opening its first American store in 1985, the low-cost furniture seller now counts 38 stores and has become the second biggest home furnishing company in the US, behind Ashley Furniture. Mike Ward, president of the US division, believes it's just the beginning. "We're still very small," he says. "We have huge potential to grow our business here."

3 Reasons Buyers Bail … and Super Simple Ways to Fix the Problem
January 23, 2013

If you have an online catalog or e-commerce site, you already know that a critical aspect of conversion optimization is reducing your cart abandonment rate. According to comScore, 67 percent of shopping carts are abandoned just before the purchase is made. If your site stats are similar, that means 67 percent of the money you've put toward getting traffic to come to your site has gone to waste. It also means you have a huge opportunity to improve your profitability simply by addressing these three common reasons shoppers bail.

Low Price Guarantees Have Adverse Effects on Consumer Behavior, Study Finds
January 11, 2013

A study conducted by Reims Management School reveals that consumers are often put off by promises of lowest prices which are coupled with high-refund guarantees — contrary to the usual strategies of many top retailers. The research found that such strategies can cause consumers to become suspicious of the offer and may result in them avoiding making a purchase altogether.