Raise the Bar With Common Sense Creative
December 1, 2011

Lackluster, nondescript and misinformed creative is a problem that’s actually getting worse despite the sophisticated tools creatives have at their fingertips. This malady is rampant in the design world. It’s often caused by thoughtlessness or lack of experience or training on the part of those who are given the job of design, copy and production of your email program, catalog or website.

Get the Most for Your Copywriting Dollar
April 29, 2011

Is the present economy stretching your budget to the limit? As a business owner, you may find yourself putting projects on hold because financial resources are limited. Projects such as writing a sales promotion to generate new leads or updating web content are often placed on the back burner until the economic climate improves. However, overlooking the need for sales-generating copy can leave your company treading water or worse — handing your marketplace positioning to your competition on a silver platter.

Copy and Design in the Face 
of a Struggling Economy
February 1, 2011

I read in the news that this past Black Friday revealed a new consumer: one who's cash-only and who arrives at the store with shopping lists in tow to keep their focus narrowed so they won't get distracted into spending more than they planned. Ouch!

Catalog Doctor: How to Boost Page Sales, A Marketer's Checklist
July 20, 2010

Many catalogers have merchants select the products for each two-page spread, then hand them to designers/copywriters to make them look and sound good. But that process can miss the middle step of analyzing how to make each two-page spread sell harder. Here's a prescription for a checklist to help you add that analysis step. Follow it and your catalog should sell better soon.

The Power of a Jolt!
July 12, 2010

Mindful merchants know that one of their main roles as brand builders is customer motivation. They know just when the power of a gentle nudge (via strategic cross-sells, meaningful upsells or properly placed point-of-purchase teasers) or a more forceful jolt (you must have this!) is necessary to prompt a sale. In today’s selling environment, with consumers more cautious than ever about their spending, merchants are required to use their motivational jolt skills more often.

How to Easily Write Several Descriptions for One Product
March 16, 2010

To bring new life to product descriptions, appeal to the different emotional needs of consumers. Depending on your target audience, choose the emotions you want consumers to feel about your products, and bring more variety to your product descriptions.

Sure Things
January 1, 2010

PATIENT: Doc, I hope to keep my catalog healthy during this economic epidemic. I've slimmed down by cutting overhead. Now I need to focus on marketing. But it's got to be low or no risk. Any sure things that I can count on to deliver results? CATALOG DOCTOR: There are no "sure things." But like fruits and vegetables can help keep your body in shape, here are two prescriptions to help your catalog health.