Question of the Week: How Was Your Business Affected by Sandy?

No matter how you slice it, if you’re a retailer you were most likely affected by Hurricane Sandy.

For some retailers, it actually brought good news. According to a MarketWatch article, while Sandy may have hurt retailers that had to close stores in the storm’s path, home improvement chains Home Depot and Lowe’s saw their shares rise 3.3 percent after the storm. And even though e-tailers don’t have to worry about physical stores, they had their challenges as well. According to a post on the blog Happy Customer, many e-tailers experienced service interruptions during and after the storm. Finally, retailers who tried to profit from the hurricane with “Sandy Sales” got their comeuppance, with millions of Twitter users expressing their distaste around the practice, according to an article from

How did Sandy treat you? Did it have a positive effect on your business? A negative effect? Did you have to close stores or hold off on deliveries?

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