Automated Online Video Program Increases Conversions for Heavenly Treasures

PROBLEM: Heavenly Treasures, a cross-channel retailer of fine jewelry, sought to improve its video program on its e-commerce site.

SOLUTION: Hired a third-party provider to launch an automated video program on its website.

RESULTS: Since going live with its automated video program in November of last year, Heavenly Treasures has tracked a 5.3 percent increase in conversions from those visitors who watch automated videos, ultimately boosting revenues.

Following a trial run with custom-produced videos on its site a few years ago that yielded favorable results, Allenhurst, N.J.-based Heavenly Treasures realized that the medium was an effective sales driver. The problem was that the cross-channel retailer of fine jewelry didn’t have the resources in-house to optimize the technology.

“We knew that having high-quality videos was an important sales tool for companies like ours that sell jewelry online, but we found that producing them ourselves was very expensive and time consuming,” says Michael Ades, Heavenly Treasures’ vice president.

Heavenly Treasures also experimented with product videos produced by its jewelry suppliers, but decided it really wanted the flexibility to create videos in-house whenever it wanted to. As a result, Heavenly Treasures turned to Treepodia, a video platform provider for online retailers. Treepodia’s video platform generates product videos by automatically pulling existing product descriptions, attributes, images, etc. from an e-commerce website’s product data feed and uses that data to generate short video clips for each product in its catalog.

“Treepodia’s automated platform takes the information and images that have already been published on our site and creates collage-style videos that highlight the features of our products, thereby enhancing our sales pitches,” says Ades.

Another benefit to Heavenly Treasures is that because the videos created are generated from its product feeds, they’re always up-to-date. Any change made to any of the company’s products is immediately reflected in the videos, regardless of whether it’s just a minor adjustment to the prices of a few select items or a major overhaul of the catalog for seasonal sales or other promotions.

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