This video features a panel discussing diversity in the retail tech workforce from Total Retail Tech 2022 in Nashville. Speakers include Sneha Narahalli, Vice President, Head of Product (Digital, Data and MarTech), Sephora; Manju Thomas, Senior Vice President, Engineering, Stitch Fix; Aaron Limonthas, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Shipt; and moderator Ayana Parsons, Senior Partner, Board & CEO Inclusion, Korn Ferry.

Numerous studies have shown that racial and ethnic minorities, as well as women, are still woefully underrepresented in tech. Having a more inclusive workplace starts with recruiting, hiring and retaining diverse talent. In this panel, technologists working at forward-thinking retail companies will discuss how to remove unconscious bias and refrain from simply “checking the diversity box” when looking at who gets hired and promoted, both externally and within the company. They’ll address common biases they see in the hiring process and discuss the significant values having a diverse workforce can bring to retailers. The panelists will provide proactive approaches to diversifying a tech team that will create a positive ripple effect within the organization.

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