Dr. Seth Dobrin, founder and CEO of Qantm AI, a consultancy which provides robust data governance solutions to ensure data accuracy, integrity, and security, presented a keynote presentation at Total Retail Tech last month in Denver. Among a multitude of talking points, Dobrin addressed the ways that retailers and brands must be thinking about how to responsibly use artificial intelligence, protecting themselves against hallucinations and other unsafe applications of the technology.

In this video clip from the keynote session, Dobrin touches on the retail-specific use cases of generative AI, including how retailers can derive value from their application. Specifically, Dobrin makes the argument why retailers should prioritize operations and supply chain as the area of their business where generative AI is applied first, noting the immediate cost-saving benefits that doing so can yield.

You can view Dobrin's entire presentation at Total Retail Tech here; also, you can download a PDF of his presentation from the session here.

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