This video features a panel discussing revenue diversification from Total Retail Tech 2023 in Denver. Speakers include Sravanthi Muppidi, head of engineering, Albertsons Media Collective; Nada Shepherd, co-founder and CEO, ReSuit; Brendan Witcher, vice president, principal analyst, Forrester; and Christine Russo, founder, Retail Creative and Consulting Agency (RCCA).

The challenges retailers have experienced in recent years have forced them to rethink their business models and revenue streams. Mostly gone are the days of relying solely on the sale of physical products through online and offline stores. Retailers have gotten innovative to supplement their primary revenue driver, launching retail media networks (RMNs), online marketplaces, recommerce platforms, 3D and other digital products, among other solutions, as a way diversify their revenue mix. This panel discussion will focus in on these new revenue opportunities, as well as the technology solutions that are enabling them.

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