This video features a keynote from Joe Megibow, CEO of Bright Cellars, titled "Why This CEO Opted for an 'Off the Shelf' Technology Solution" from Total Retail Tech 2023 in Denver.

When Bright Cellars was launched over six years ago, there were few “off-the-shelf” solutions available for a subscription business. Over time, Bright Cellars built an entirely proprietary platform, top to bottom, including CRM, customer service, inventory management, as well as the website. As the business scaled, its platform didn’t scale with it, but the costs to manage it kept going up. A replatforming would have taken up to a year and still left the company with a fairly large technology team to support. The solution? Bright Cellars effectively eliminated most of its tech roles and pivoted to a fully hosted solution with a new stack of apps built on top of Shopify. By tightly managing scope and keeping to “off-the-shelf” capabilities, Bright Cellars was able to fully replatform, including a new 3PL, in nine weeks. Learn the results in this case study keynote presentation.

To view Megibow's presentation slides, as well as others from Total Retail Tech 2023, click here.

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