This video features a panel discussing emerging retail technology and trends from Total Retail Tech 2022 in Nashville. Speakers include Carol Schuster, Technology and Business Information Advisor, Lafayette 148 New York; Omer Iqbal, Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy and Enterprise Architecture, Shiseido; Alan John, Vice President of AI and Data, StockX; and moderator Kathy Kimple, Executive Director, OSF Digital.

The retail industry has seen major disruption over the past several years, driven by shifting consumer behaviors. To help them adapt to an evolving landscape as well as meet and exceed consumers’ rising expectations, retailers are turning to technology for help. But what’s next, and how can retailers prepare? And with so many technology systems and solutions in the marketplace, how do you know where is best to invest your time and money? This panel of tech experts and decision makers will offer their insights on the emerging tech trends, including which they believe will have the biggest impact on the retail industry going forward.

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