Dara Meath is the former divisional chief information officer and development leader of digital and e-commerce at Conair LLC. Earlier this week she was named the new senior vice president and chief technology officer for Build-A-Bear WorkshopWhile attending Total Retail Tech last fall, Meath sat down with our editorial team to discuss how technology influenced her role at Conair, as well as the technology she believes will have the biggest impact on Conair and the retail industry in 2023. With Conair’s products available in so many channels, including 20-plus retail partners, she shares how the business works to develop true customer profiles. In addition, Meath provides an example of how Conair is leveraging both customer and product data to improve the customer experience and operations. Lastly, Meath details what Conair is doing to continue to improve the direct-to-consumer experience on its e-commerce site.

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