From Game Show Hero to Retail Innovator
May 24, 2013

One of the more interesting developments to come out of the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit in Nashville this week, from which I've just returned, is the launch of IBM Watson Engagement Advisor. The "super computer," named after IBM founder Thomas J. Watson, was designed as a computing system that could rival the human brain's ability to respond to questions posed in natural language with speed, accuracy and confidence.

Should You Offer Discounts or Not?
October 4, 2010

My boss thinks that free shipping and 20 percent off promotions are the key to competing with brands online. My team thinks we're giving our business away for free. Who's right?

It’s About the Sites, Not Just the Names!
June 26, 2007

This week, Catalog Success welcomes its newest Web columnist, Terry Jukes. A veteran of the catalog business who served as president/CEO of H.R. compliance materials cataloger G. Neil. and president of Misco, Terry heads B2B Direct Marketing Intelligence, a B-to-B consulting firm. Terry will address B-to-B catalog/multichannel issues every week and invite and encourage your questions, thoughts, ideas and insight.
Recently, I’ve had several discussions regarding “name” vs. “site” management. One, in particular, started as I discovered that more than half of a client’s prospecting volume was being mailed to “new” names at existing buying sites (on the surface, a very logical

Tackling a Reader Comment: The Chinese Government and the Curious Case of Some Missing Data
June 25, 2007

This week, I attempt to address one of our reader’s security concerns. Below is the comment I received recently that I think needs some addressing (or address correction as the case may be). John Johnson ( wrote:

Jim, I have a question not related to any of your current posts that I think is worth some discussion. Abacus was bought by Epsilon, who in turn is owned by Alliance Data Solutions. Alliance Data Solutions was recently bought by a private equity firm, The Blackstone Group. The Chinese government then bought a $3 billion position in The Blackstone Group. My question is: