Steve Yankovich

Leveraging the newness of online shopping, the auction site was wildly successful until the mid-2000s, when companies that had been internet pioneers — think MySpace and eToys — started losing their appeal and cash flow. In 2007, posting losses for the first time in its history as a public company, the future of eBay was uncertain. "It was clear the world had innovated around eBay and eBay had stayed with the same formula," eBay CEO John Donahoe told The New York Times in 2012. 

Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson spoke before the Senate Steering and Outreach Committee last week in a forum on successful businesses in the United States. announced the Amazon Career Choice Program, an innovative new program designed to expand the choices available to its employees in their future careers, whether at Amazon or in another industry. This and more from around the web in today's ecommerce news roundup! eBay "Like what you see on TV? Buy it now," CNN, 7/20/12 CNN talks to eBay's Steve Yankovich about new technology allows TV viewers to buy what they see on TV -

eBay's iPad app now highlights products based on what you are watching E-commerce giant eBay has added a new feature to its iPad app, which allows users to shop for products based on what they are watching on TV. On logging into the “Watch with eBay” tab, users are invited to enter in their zip code, cable provider, TV channel and the program they are currently watching. Using show- and event-specific keyword searches, the app will then present relevant merchandise from the show on the eBay marketplace. eBay hopes this will be the first of many interactive features coming

Shoppers who use eBay's RedLaser barcode-scanning application on their mobile devices can immediately find out through a single scan which nearby retailers currently have items in stock and who has the best local price. eBay added the local shopping results to RedLaser from Milo, which it recently acquired.

eBay is expanding its mobile commerce strategy with recently launched iPhone applications and an iPad application. “We clearly see that people want to shop on the go – last year we saw $600 million in eBay merchandise volume come through mobile devices and we expect to more than double that this year with $1.5 billion,” said Steve Yankovich, vice president of mobile at eBay.

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