Santa Claus

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With the arctic chill sending the nation indoors or, for many, stuck in an interminable layover, how can e-tailers give captive consumers not only what they want, but desperately need through hyperlocal strategies? Hyperlocal is all about understanding consumers’ current location and immediate world/weather around them. With many battling record low temperatures this winter, e-tailers can target geographies and tailor their visitors’ inventory. Kicking off campaigns in real time or even a few days prior delivers a personalized experience, highlighting merchandise related to that specific climate. So how can retailers exercise these strategies, anticipatory or in real time, to make their campaigns relevant?

This is the time of year that retailers want you thinking about Santa Claus and presents, but two recent mall shootings may be fresh on consumers' minds as the critical season kicks off. On Monday,...

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and yes he makes a list and checks it twice. But no, he is not the only one making and checking lists. Retailers all over the map will be making, checking and rechecking their email marketing lists over and over again as they prepare for what they hope is a very profitable holiday shopping season.

Retailers nationwide will draw crowds this holiday season. But it seems that certain consumers have utilized the power of social media to conduct "flash robs," a take on the impromptu gatherings known as flash mobs.

By Debra Wilson Ellis More customers order in the holiday season's 11th hour; be ready to fulfill. Customers take a leap of faith when they place last-minute holiday orders. Different reasons drive them to place orders at the 11th hour. And however they come, their orders are more than a transaction; they're symbols of their relationships with your company, and they're depending on you to deliver. Successfully fulfilling last-minute orders solidifies your relationship with customers. It says, loud and clear, that they can trust you to deliver at their most vulnerable time. Consequently, failing to deliver during this time jeopardizes your long-term relationship. Last

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