Sam Grossman

In an effort to make it simpler for consumers to simultaneously browse its print catalog and research and buy from their mobile devices, Sharper Image embedded a “Buy  Now” capability into its holiday preview catalog. The catalog is chock-full of electronic, recreation, fitness and travel products, and was sent to 4 million households and businesses on Nov. 4.

Sam Grossman, Marketing Manager for The Sharper Image writes, "We were seeing a significant increase in international interest to our website and call center, and needed a user friendly, and cost effective way to ship the product to our customers. Bongo's Extend 2.0 was the perfect solution." U.S. consumers have been able to shop from this top-quality gift website and catalog for years. The Sharper Image is the go-to place for the person who has everything. The products are unique and meet a standard that is consistently upheld. Bongo's Extend 2.0 solution enables shoppers visiting the site from outside

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