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After a major snafu with its coupon marketing campaign, eBay has apologized and reissued coupons to users who had trouble redeeming them. eBay Spokesperson Ryan Moore told EcommerceBytes on Wednesday, "Some customers may have experienced difficulty redeeming an eBay Coupon that was issued to them in past few days. We have sent an email to these customers to offer them a replacement coupon to be applied toward their next purchase." eBay had sent $10 coupons good for purchases on eBay in late March, but users began reporting they were unable to redeem them. 

A group known as the Syrian Electronic Army claimed over the weekend it hacked eBay and PayPal websites. Mashable broke the story on Saturday, and now Ars Technica is reporting on claims that the group intercepted sensitive email from eBay employees while they were investigating the incident. The EcommerceBytes Blog noted on Saturday that eBay users in the U.K. saw the group's logo on what appeared to be the eBay U.K. homepage on the day of the breach.

Looking to purchase an eBay gift card at your local grocer or office-supply store? Sorry, you're out of luck. Searching among the Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Facebook, Toys"R"Us and restaurant cards hanging on the pegs of your local retailer's gift card racks, you'll no longer be able to find eBay cards. eBay Spokesperson Ryan Moore said it was a business decision to stop offering the cards in retail locations. You can still purchase eBay gift cards on eBay.com, however.

Two days after a major glitch impacted eBay listings, the company had nothing more to say beyond its initial acknowledgement of the problem. On Monday evening, eBay Spokesperson Ryan Moore issued a statement in response to EcommerceBytes' inquiries: "We experienced a technical issue with images today that prompted the pop-ups. The issue was resolved around 4:30 this afternoon. We apologize for any inconvenience."

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