Howard Wyner

I'm excited to share with you some news: Retail Online Integration will be presenting its fourth annual Retail Marketing Virtual Conference & Expo (RMV) on July 18. The one-day virtual event is targeted exclusively to you, our readers: omnichannel retailers, e-tailers and catalogers who are on the cutting edge and always on the lookout for new strategies and technologies to improve their business. The show is a robust online experience, designed to bring the hottest retail marketing topics, experts and technology right to your computer — at no cost to you!

Attribution management, the science of calculating the contribution of a marketing touchpoint on conversion, brings science and reason together to answer the age-old question: What caused a customer to make a purchase? The answer to that question plays a significant role in enhancing the quality and effectiveness of interactions that retailers have with customers and prospects, which translates into increased return on investment. Attribution is even more important these days, as corner offices are closely watching marketing teams, which are operating with tighter budgets, to see if spending is being accurately assigned.

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