A mountain of data and no time to analyze it is a familiar predicament for most catalogers, and the advent of e-commerce analytics has only piled the mountain ever higher. Several online and multichannel merchants offered their Web analytics strategies during a panel at last week’s Mid Market eTail conference in San Francisco. Following are several analytics questions thrown out by the panel’s audience and the answers provided by the merchants. Q: What metrics do you need to build an accurate purchase history? Adam Silverman, senior manager of e-commerce, The Wet Seal: First, recency, frequency and monetary value. We need to know the difference between a

By Matt Griffin, Alan Rimm-Kaufman and Joe Dysart There's never a lack of new ideas in online selling. The trick is finding those approaches that work for your business and implementing them properly. Everyone's looking for the next big thing in online marketing — namely, a tactic that will allow marketers to connect with their online customers in hitherto unparalleled ways. And while you're searching for that singular method to drive customers straight to your checkout page, this special report is designed to expose you to a few tactics you may not have considered. Or, if you've considered some or all of these ideas,

One of the biggest Web phenomena in the last few years has been the explosion of Web logs, or blogs. While initially nothing more than online diaries, blogs have emerged as opportunities for merchants to spread awareness about brands and products. Pinny Gniwisch, vice president and co-founder of online jewelry merchant, shared how his company has leveraged blogs to increase search traffic to his Web site at an impromptu question-and-answer session at last month’s eTail conference in Palm Desert, Calif. Q: Did you have any specific objectives or metrics in mind when you started the blogs? Pinny Gniwisch: When we first were thinking

"Base your Web site analytics on things that truly are important to you, and not just macro conversion efforts. For example, how many site visitors signed up to receive your e-newsletter or clicked on a specific aspect of your site?" —Pinny Gniwisch, VP, heard at: eTail 2005, Philadelphia, Aug. 2, 2005

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