Neil M. Rosen is President and CEO of Fairfield, Conn.-based CertainSource, a B-to-C funnel acquisition management and email retargeting solution provider.

Too often marketers see the different components of their overall strategies as being at best separate and at worst in competition with each other. Integrating them saves time, money, resources, and delivers a better product or service.

At some time or another, most Internet users — especially those who make purchases online — ask themselves just how much of their personal information is “out there.” Are we coming dangerously close to living with a Big Brother who knows everything about us? It’s a valid concern, but as marketers are aware, the more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them. Be the Big Brother, not who spies on them, but who looks out for their best interests. Web site re-engagement, sending e-mails to opt-in customers who visit your site but leave without making a purchase, is one example of a helpful approach to being a Big Brother.

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