Uwe Bald is vice president of international business development for Hermes, an expert provider of internationalization services to Europe, Russia, China and Brazil.

Michael Kors, increasingly coveted by women from Sante Fe to Shanghai, is going after guys. The design house, which reported yet another quarter of growing sales and profits, said yesterday that it sees potential for up to 500 company-owned stores selling nothing but menswear. More immediately, one floor of its soon-to-open Manhattan flagship store will only have clothes aimed at men. The company will also launch a new cologne for men next month, along with a "thrilling TV spot reminiscent of an action movie." 

Internationalizing is a daunting task for a brand looking to expand beyond its domestic territory. Partnering with a local company eases the process of entering a new market and conducting daily operations once established. Regardless of past reputation and assets, multimillion dollar mistakes and losses can occur without a strong local partner. With big investments come huge risks. To mitigate issues that would undermine efforts to expand globally, partnering with a local company can provide the following:

The Walt Disney Company said it would enter China in 2015 with a new retail location planned for Shanghai that measures 10,800-sq.-ft. on a 53,000-sq.-ft. site in the heart of the city’s financial...

Baltimore-based Under Armour Inc. has opened a new Under Armour Experience store at the Jing An Kerry Centre in Shanghai. The retail environment places storytelling at the forefront of the store...

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