Uwe Bald

Uwe Bald

Uwe Bald is vice president of international business development for Hermes, an expert provider of internationalization services to Europe, Russia, China and Brazil.

Finding the Right Delivery Partners for the Last Mile

The last mile (i.e., package delivery to the customer's doorstep) is a major challenge for cross-border e-commerce merchants. Most often, retailers must rely on shipping providers or the local postal service to cover this very important segment of their supply chain. Doing so can involve huge risks if the provider doesn’t fit with the merchant’s…

The Benefits of Selling Luxury Online

Before the advent of the internet, only a discerning group of individuals with large incomes could step into a boutique on Fifth Avenue or the Champs-Élysées to browse and purchase luxury items. All others were too intimidated by the price tags and notoriously arrogant sales personnel. The internet helped democratize the high-end shopping experience.

5 Things a Local Partner Provides When Taking a Brand Global

Internationalizing is a daunting task for a brand looking to expand beyond its domestic territory. Partnering with a local company eases the process of entering a new market and conducting daily operations once established. Regardless of past reputation and assets, multimillion dollar mistakes and losses can occur without a strong local partner. With big investments come huge risks. To mitigate issues that would undermine efforts to expand globally, partnering with a local company can provide the following: